Shelf Awareness Review

“A lyrical, bittersweet story that raises more questions than it answers, Robbins’s debut explores the gaps in translation (both linguistic and cultural), the problems of divided loyalties, and many words for love…a luminous, bittersweet novel.” (Read the whole review here.)

Booklist, Starred review

A WORD FOR LOVE earns a STARRED review from Booklist: “Bea is a winning choice as a narrator, lending the story vulnerability and authenticity, especially because she is such an empathetic, and often helpless, spectator. With an impressive economy of words, Robbins, formerly a Fulbright Fellow in Syria, tells a story that proves that themes of love, loss, and freedom truly can transcend borders and time.”

Publishers Weekly Review

Publishers Weekly says about A WORD FOR LOVE: “Robbins weaves a story complete with exquisite sentences, including descriptions of the Syrian landscape . . .Bea’s fascination with language and the unique characteristics of Arabic add delightful layers to the text. This is a rich, understated novel that offers an absorbing story full of longing, political intrigue, and the beauty found outside the familiar.” (Read the whole review here.)